School Podcasting

Al Cole and 30-year education veteran Marc Hoberman have partnered to create school podcasts to keep students, school staff, parents, and the community informed. Together, they teach students how to research guests, create interview questions, and produce cutting edge podcasts. The goal is for students to learn to work together as they acquire new skills. The podcasts are created by the students and can be played in class, on school announcements, and uploaded to the school and district's websites to better inform and entertain the entire community. From writing and reading to interviewing and finalizing the podcast, students


A unique 6 Session Impact Training Course integrating the latest cutting-edge podcasting techniques with authentic, often common sense ways of communicating messages. In other words: Getting people up to speed with what they really want to say, in the most effective, current and high tech ways of saying it.

*Session-1: Meet, Greet & Educate. Introduction to cutting edge podcasting techniques, including how to framework podcasting messages clearly and effectively.

*Session-2: A review of hour one. Plus an in-depth question and answer session with Al relating to "what you always thought about podcasting... that just ain't true". As well as how to record the best technical "sound quality" for clear and professional sounding podcasts.

*Session-3: How to make effective, relevant personal statements in podcasting, as well as general statements of societal interest: In other words, how to stay "current" with podcasting. Introduction to how to make podcasting profitable.

*Session-4: An insightful discussion of how to grow listenership, create contacts, and develop local, national, even international visibility with podcasts. Continuations of profitable podcasting techniques. And, what it takes to air successful podcasts on the network of Al Cole from CBS Radio through APPLE'S ITUNES RADIO NETWORK News/Talk!

*Session-5: Congratulations! You've got it all down: Your effective podcasting messages; your good sounding recording techniques; your relevant current messages too. You've learned how to grow your contacts, your listenership and how to make your podcasting profitable. You're now invited to air your cutting edge podcasts on the network of Al Cole from CBS Radio through APPLE'S ITUNES RADIO NETWORK News/Talk!

*Session-6: Marc Hoberman will discuss how to write powerful interview questions and create interest in the school and community to highlight your school. Students will learn how to highlight sports, academic, and other extracurricular activities on their podcast.